Salon Lukeion Rhetorical Essay

Muath Alsalamah

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Gun Control

     Have you ever thought about gun control? The article, “Two Years after Newtown, Americans are the Most Pro-Gun they’ve been in Decades” was written by the author Luke Brinker published in on December 10, 2014. He is a deputy politics editor in Salon news website. Luke focuses on two important issues which are the gun control and gun use in the U.S. and what people say about the use and control of guns. The author uses different methods to appeal to his readers regarding the topic in question. The author uses this paper Kairos, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to address the impacts, although it is possible to see that mostly he uses logos and pathos to address to the audience, the result of using guns without control and how this issue going to affect us on our life.

     The author’s claim in the article is that despite the number of people killed in gun attacks in the U.S. a majority of the population are still pro-gun. These members of America’s population believe that it is better to give individuals the right to own guns and protect this right than to deny Americans the right to own guns. The author does not indicate whether or not he supports these claims or preferences of the American people but just reports the results of different studies that have been taken over time.

The audience of the author is any individuals, groups or organizations interested and affected in one way or another by the gun ownership rights in the U.S. This could be an individual interested in obtaining a gun, or one already in ownership of a gun as it provides information and statistics regarding the outlook of the American people on gun ownership. It could also be useful to students studying about the American law and how the American people and the government take certain parts of the law or constitution. The article could also be useful or directed to various groups and organizations interested in the state of gun ownership in the U.S. given the various incidences of gun attacks in public places. Other people who may also find the article useful could be professionals or individuals in the legal sector with an interest in the gun ownership reforms as they can either support or go against the existing gun ownership conditions in the country.

     The author uses kairos in his article, because it came up at a time when the U.S. has experienced several incidences of public attacks by individuals with guns and innocent lives were lost. As a matter of fact, the author quotes some of these instances the most outstanding one being the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton where 20 children were massacred 2 years ago. It is also possible to see the usage of pathos in this article. The author uses pathos so he could persuade us by appealing our emotions and feelings. Word choice affects reader’s emotional response, and emotional appeal can effectively be used to strengthen a claim.  The other incident was when 13 people were killed in a similar attack at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. These incidences were not the only ones and there have been other attacks in public places and schools in various parts of the U.S. over time. These incidence present at opportune moment or time for this issue to be discussed before it gets worse in the future.

     The author uses logos to show us the results from studies carried out by various organizations to support the claim he makes regarding gun ownership and control. In particular, the author uses the results of the Pew Research Center survey, which started gathering information from members of public regarding gun ownership in 1993. “The author quotes the results or findings of these surveys stating that “52% of the population in the survey stated that gun ownership should trump gun control while 46% stated that gun control was more important than retaining gun rights”. A survey taken by the same organization twenty years later in 2013 showed that “51% of the interviewed individuals were in support of controlling gun ownership, while 45% stated that gun rights were more important than gun control”. It is essential to analyze that passage, as one can find here an example of logos, as the author shows us real facts and data. He masterfully gives us the facts that people in America are pro-gun regardless of the surveys and death ratings. Furthermore, he shows that people who support gun control is increasing. With the help society’s opinion, author wants to fortify and support his claim. This is a very persuasive technique and strategy; it can convince people due to the reliable sources of this survey. I think that it is important to use such facts to make your reason more decisive.

     The author uses logos again by stating the result of the latest survey carried out by the Pew Research Center. “57% of the people interviewed were in support of guns stating that they protect people from becoming victims of crimes, while 38% stated that gun ownership places people’s lives at risk.” In general, the study came to the conclusion that households with guns are at a higher risk of suicide and homicide.  

     The author appeals to the readers by reasoning out logically with them. In the part where the author states that the findings of the survey showed that gun ownership in households lead to higher incidences of suicide and homicide, the author tries to make his readers to reason out. As much as gun ownership may be a good thing to ensure safety from criminals, it may also be used for other purposes. This is taking into consideration the fact that there is no one to monitor and control the way individuals handle their guns. Human beings are emotional, susceptible to trying moments and at times they may make decisions without reasoning.

     The author appeals to the emotions of the reader by stating examples of cases where guns were used to shoot harm and kill innocent people. “20 children and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown and 13 people were killed in the shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.” The author gives two examples of such incidences, which both took place in schools and those who lost their lives were innocent school children. These examples really move the reader emotionally because it is harrowing to think of such situations, where a person chooses the weakest and most vulnerable of people to attack.

     The author did not appeal to ethos in any way. As much as the author stated or cited examples of cases where guns were used to kill innocent people, the author did not persuade us to believe him only using ethos. In addition, the author does not state how justice applies to such cases of gun control and whether it is wrong or right for the government to take certain measures to control the use of guns or protect the right of gun owners.

     The author does not only state one side of the issue, and gives information and data showing the ratio of people supporting either side of the argument in the U.S. As it can be seen in the results quoted from the article, the author gives the percentages of people in support of gun control and that of the people in support of gun rights.

     The article does not convince me because as much as the author cited examples of incidences and results from various surveys and research studies, there was no conclusion as to whether there has been any change in security. I am a member of the author’s audience, but I expected the author to state the changes that have taken place over time, regarding the use of guns and gun control. I would only be convinced about whether to support gun control or the protection of the rights of gun owners if there was information showing an improved state of security in the U.S. by either of the two.


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