Government School And Private School Essay

Comparing Public Schools and Private Schools Essay

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Public School vs. Private School

There have been many discrepancies between the values of a public school as opposed to a private school. Advocates of private school argue that the education received in one of these facilities is more valuable and rewarding than any other educational opportunity.
On the other hand, supporters of public schools feel that the students are better-rounded, both scholastically and worldly, when in public schools. As a public school graduate, I feel that I have been exposed to all types of diversity and situations that have made me better adapted for the real world.

First things first, much of the difference between the two have to do with money. Public schools are funded by tax dollars,…show more content…

The degree does not have to be in education, due to alternate route, but it has to be a valid college degree. There is no personnel requirement for teachers in private schools.

Studies have proven that participation in extra-curricular activities boost self-esteem, and it also gives children time for personal interaction, ultimately building friendships. Self-sufficiency is also promoted. Public schools offer more athletics, clubs, and extra-curricula?s. Some of these clubs are also school-related, such as tutoring, promoting progress in the classroom. There are more activities offered because the school size is generally larger than that of private schools. Also, since the state controls the school, it is mandatory to have after-school activities.

Diversity of the student population is another beneficial factor among public schools. All residents are allowed to attend the schools, so there are usually all different children attending. This diversity is also being shown through clothing. Public schools do not have to wear uniforms, allowing for freedom of expressions. There are still dress codes, but it based on what you should not wear as opposed to what you have to wear.

On the other hand, private schools have their positives as well. As stated before, private schools and classes tend to be smaller, allowing for more one-on-one interaction between the teacher and

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I agree with you on the point: The most serious things to consider about choosing your child"s school is the teaching staff, the facilities, and the class sizes. All of these things contribute to your child"s level of educational success so should be looked at carefully.

Part. 1, Smaller class sizes.

I will not contend the fact that private schools have smaller class sizes. This is due to the simple reason that fewer people are willing to pay a substantial amount of money to attend a private institution. If everyone wished to pay a large tuition, then private schools would have a larger class size and face the same issues as public schools. According to the Huffington post, the percentage of students attending private schools in America is 10% and declining ( If private schooling was truly better than public schooling, then why isn't everyone making that choice? The obvious answer is money, and that the families cannot afford it. In that case, in what way is choosing to attend private school a better option than public school? I have shown that even if you prove that private schools are inherently better than public schools worldwide, which by itself is a preposterous general claim, it is still not the better choice for the majority of Americans.

You mention again the smaller population attending private schools. I am getting more and more lost by the scale you are arguing. You say that "Generally, a private school will have less than 500 students at one time." But this fact is completely not true. Are you referring to colleges? Are you referring to K12 private schools? Just like any other type of schooling there are bigger schools that have students in the thousands, and then there are smaller schools. Private colleges have signifincantly more than 500 students.

You also mention that a smaller population allows your children allows your children to shine. Your child should shine because he is of good quality, not because there are fewer people around to compare him with. Sheltering children from the larger world does not prepare him to "face the challenges life has in store of them." If anything, it leads to a false sense of entitlement.


Just as I was about to go on and continue, I realized that I am not debating with an actual human being, but a plagiarist. You just directly copied your arguments from this website:

You didn't even read what I wrote nor attempted to respond. This is a violation of even the most basic courtesy in debate. I'm sorry for having been fooled.

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