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The Dissertations Department at the University Library collects all copies of doctoral theses written at Freie Universität Berlin that candidates are required to submit according to the regulations concerning doctoral graduation. These copies are either archived or exchanged with other institutions; the required number of copies is specified in the respective regulations.

Doctoral candidates are obliged to make their theses available to the wider academic community by providing such copies for circulation, a general principle laid down by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the federate states in the Federal Republic of Germany on 20 October 1997. Exchange of theses with the libraries of other universities is organised by the  Dissertations Department.

The relevant and applicable regulationsconcerning the materials that candidates are required to submit to the Dissertations Department are those that were in force at the time the student was admitted to the doctoral program. Any variance at all from these regulations can be decided on by the appropriate Department Council only (see also: Doctoral Graduation Regulations).

The Dissertations Department assists doctoral candidates in dealing with the respective regulations.

If and when regulations are fulfilled, the Dissertations Department issues receipts for candidates to present at their departments as prerequisite for receiving their doctoral certificate.

Observe theGuidelines for Doctoral Theses.

Storing Digital Theses on the Document Server

For information on how to submit a doctoral or habilitation thesis in electronic form click here.

Electronic Submission of Doctoral Theses and Habilitation Treatises

Purpose of the Repository

At "Dissertation Online" electronic copies of doctoral theses and habilitation treatises of the FU Berlin and the Universitätsmedizin Berlin – Charité are archived as fulltexts on a permanent basis according to current regulations governing doctoral theses and habilitation treatises. The items archived in the dissertation repository may be copied, printed out, and cited for study and research purposes, and for personal use (§53 UrhG, German Copyright Law). Any use is subject to proper attribution of authorship/rights holder. The authors of the documents hold the copyright. Authors can choose to modify the terms of use of their documents by means of a Creative Commons License.

What has to be submitted?

  • The electronic copy of the document is submitted as a pdf file. This must include the title page stating the title of the document, university, university department, and author, as well as the second page giving the names of the supervisor and referee(s) and the date of the (final) oral examination (see Guidelines for Formatting Doctoral Theses). We recommend that you submit your doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise as a single pdf file. If this is not possible, please number your files consecutively so that the correct order can be maintained. The pdf files must not have any security defaults (for example password protection). This is essential particularly with regard to data migration and/or long term archiving. Please also refer to our Details for file formats. If you have problems generating the file(s) in the required format, please contact us at dissonline@ub.fu-berlin.deand we will help with file conversion. If you lack the appropriate tools you can get them fromZedat and from certain university departments. In exceptional cases staff at the Dissertations Department (Hochschulschriftenstelle) will show you how to use the tools; this is by appointment only.
  • Supplementary information concerning the doctoral theses or habilitation treatises must be entered in the online form. These so-called “metadata” include:
    • Name, date of doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise, university department, etc.
    • Title of the document in German, or the original title, and English
    • Abstract in English (max. 3000 characters/ca. 40 lines)
    • Abstract in German, or the original language (max. 3000 characters/ca. 40 lines)
  • You should compose the abstracts before filling out the online submission form and use the copy and paste tool to insert them.
In addition, you have to submit four or five printed and bound copies (depending on which Department you belong to, divergently: Department of Veterinary Medicine, which requires 30 copies, and the Law Department, which requires 40 copies and Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, which requires 1 copy. All copies must be properly bound with an adhesive binding

How do I submit my electronic doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise?

Click on “Submission of a new document” and fill in the online form. After you have saved the form with the requested metadata you can upload your complete doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise (including first page, supervisor and referee(s), date of the final oral examination, appendices, acknowledgements, etc.) on "Dissertation Online". You may upload up to three files using the online form; please refer to the Upload dialog box. Please note that via a Java-Applet you can upload more than three files: highlight the individual files that you wish to upload, but please do not upload a folder or directory containing the files.

  • Other file formats, or methods of uploading, can only be accepted if prior permission has been granted by the Dissertations Department and the IT Department of the Universitätsbibliothek.

Before the upload is completed the program shows you the metadata you have entered. Any corrections should be made at this point; any later corrections after the upload of your doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise have to be made by the Dissertations Online Editorial Team. Corrections can also can be submitted by email: dissonline@ub.fu-berlin.de.

Your doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise cannot yet be accessed; first we need a signed copy of the publication agreement and the printed and bound copies. Also, the Dissertations Online Editorial Team has to make a final check of your doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise.

Where do I hand in the printed copies?

If you are a doctoral student at Universitätsmedizin Berlin - Charité, please refer to the homepage of the Medizinischen Bibliothek der Charite

Medizinische Bibliothek Charité CVK
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin
At the place: Weststraße 1 (at hte end of Mittelallee)
E-Mail: dissonline@ub.fu-berlin.de
Telefon contact:

  • Marion Kohl | t: +49 30 450 576 191
  • Jörg Müller | t: +49 30 450 576 165
  • Frau Gabriela Bökemeyer-Jäschke | t: +49 30 450 576 157

If you are a doctoral student at the Freie Universität Berlin, please hand in your copies after you have been informed by the Dissertations Department (Hochschulschriftenstelle) via e-mail. Opening times: Monday and Friday from 9am to 12 pm Wednesday 2pm to 4pm:

Garystr. 39
14195 Berlin.
Team disssonline +49 30 838 54276
E-Mail: dissonline@ub.fu-berlin.de

The printed copies will be compared with the electronic version of the document to verify that they are the same.

Upon signing the publication agreement with the Universitätsbibliothek you grant to the Universitätsbibliothek the non-exclusive rights to archive the dissertation on the “Dissertation Online” server, permission to convert or migrate file formats should this become necessary, and to forward a copy to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, which is a legal requirement, as well as to institutional repositories with special subject collections, if applicable. This does not affect your rights under copyright law. The Universitätsbibliothek undertakes to retain the item indefinitely, and render it retrievable via FU Digital Library, catalogs, and appropriate search engines (see Veröffentlichungsvertrag for details). The printed version of the document should contain your curriculum vitae; the CV should not be included in the electronic version to protect your privacy. In order to keep the pagination of both versions identical we recommend that you replace the CV with the following text “For reasons of data protection, the Curriculum vitae is not published in the online version”.

Doctoral students will receive confirmation of the receipt of their doctoral dissertation or habilitation treatise from the Dissertations Department after the electronic version, the signed publication agreement, and the printed copies have all been submitted. Please note: Should you have set an embargo period for the electronic publication of your thesis, the acknowledgement of receipt cannot be issued before the end of the embargo period.

Who is entitled to submit an electronic doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise?

  • All doctoral and post-doctoral students at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Universitätsmedizin Berlin - Charité who have the permission of their department or faculty to publish their doctoral thesis or habilitation treatise.
  • All former doctoral students at the Freie Universität Berlin who submitted printed copies of their doctoral dissertation or habilitation treatise but would now like to deposit an electronic copy on “Dissertation Online”. In such cases the same regulations apply as stated above; in particular the text of the print version must be the same as the electronic version.

Multi-paper Doctoral Degree Dissertations

At some departments of the Freie Universität Berlin the examination regulations provide for a doctoral dissertation format consisting of a number of separate papers. All papers must meet the formal and scholarly requirements of a dissertation.

The papers can be works that have already been published as well as unpublished material, which must contain a complete exposition of the research and the findings.

In the case of works that have already been published, it is not necessary to publish them again to comply with the regulations for dissertations. However, such works must be included in the mandatory five bound copies of the dissertation that are submitted to the Universitätsbibliothek, with details of where the work was first published. When depositing a dissertation online which includes papers that have already been published these files must also be included. If the author does not have the right to use this material, then the file must contain a list of references and, if possible, a DOI link to the original version (e.g. the link to the following DOI 10.1016/j.ddstr.2007.08.003 would be http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ddstr.2007.08.003).

Please clarify such matters beforehand with the staff of the dissertations department (Hochschulschriftenstelle):

Team dissonline +49 30 838 54276
E-Mail: dissonline@ub.fu-berlin.de

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