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Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources – 3hrc (Hr)

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Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources 3HRC (HR)

I have been asked to prepare a briefing note for a new employee who will be joining the company soon as a line manager. Below is information which will give this new starter a more in depth look of the organisation, what we do and how we operate.

The Services Homes For You Offers and its Main Customers
Homes For You is a not-for-profit Housing Association based in Worcester.
We are the largest Registered Social Landlord in the Borough and we own and maintain 8,000 homes.
The service we provide is to offer rented accommodation in the form of flats, houses and bungalows as well as…show more content…

Employment Laws- Any changes to employment law is a legal factor which can have an impact on many organisations including Homes For You . In our analysis one change to employment law that was considered was the possible increase in parental leave (this may be increasing from three months to four months with effect in March 2013.) As a large number of our employees have children we need to put procedures in place to deal with this. We need to ensure all HR staff are aware of the changes and of procedures to grant a parental leave request and also look at ways to cover service if and when our employees chose to take advantage of this (cover may include offering overtime to other workers, or the possibility of recruiting temporary staff)

The Structure of Homes For You and How Different Functions Work Together to Optimise Performance

The structure of Homes For You is a hierarchy structure, each person reports to one immediate superior to whom he or she is accountable for all job responsibilities.
A full structure of the organisation can be found on the next pages.

These different functions have their own roles and work together to optimise performance. Different functions work together by communicating with each other and sharing information so that everybody has relevant up to date information on the company’s plans and tenants issues. Each function carries out its own

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...some of the most socially deprived areas of England. The Trust treats nearly three quarters of a million patients a year from the most serious of emergencies to planned operations & procedures. Acute services are provided at the two main main sites which are Royal Blackburn and Burnley General Hospital. The Trust also has various community hospital sites with inpatient beds at Pendle Community Hospital, Accrington Victoria Hospital and Clitheroe Community Hospital, as well as the full range of adult community services. The Trust is a specialist centre for hepatobiliary, head and neck and urological cancer services, in addition to providing specialist cardiology services and a network provider of Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care. In this assignment I will be looking at my organisation (East Lancashire Hospital) and the role of the Human Resources. I will be providing a briefing note for a new manager to enable them to get some understanding of the trusts - Customers, - Services, - The trusts Vision, Values and objectives that we are currently working towards. Purpose, Vision & Goals of the Trust East Lancashire NHS Trust provides acute healthcare for the people of local community and further afield for both adults and children. The Trust aims to always deliver high quality, Safe, personal and effective care and contribute to a health gain for the community. Patients attend the Trust with a wide range of clinical needs from the most...

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